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A ten-year-old victim of an illegal got pregnant!

Photo: Youtube screenshot

By Domen Mezeg (Nova24tv)

The illegal who was arrested last week and accused of raping a ten-year-old girl is 27-year-old Gerson Fuentes. He was indicted by a grand jury on Thursday in Franklin County, Ohio, on two counts of felony rape.

The accused, Gerson Fuentes, confessed to the rape at least twice. It is known that the girl became pregnant as a result. The case became a national sensation after an Indiana abortionist told the media that she had been referred to her by a child abuse doctor in Ohio. The law in Ohio does not allow abortions to be performed on minors, reported the Daily Wire.

But Ohio Attorney General David Yost previously cast doubt on the story’s veracity, saying that if the girl had in fact become pregnant, state law would not have prevented her from obtaining an abortion. During a July 13th hearing, police said Fuentes admitted to raping the girl. The police were also informed about her pregnancy, as social workers were informed about it by her mother on June 22nd. As is known, the girl miscarried in Indianapolis.

DNA from the Indianapolis clinic where the abortion was performed is still being tested to confirm the crime by the illegal. The girl’s siblings are also included in the testing. Judge Cynthia Ebner, who is handling the case, set Fuentes’ bail at $2 million because he is a flight risk and poses an endangerment to children. The girl turned ten only recently, so it is possible that the rape took place when she was only nine years old. The abortion was performed with the help of abortion pills.

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