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petek, 3 decembra, 2021

A larger number of illegals is recorded in White Carniola and Littoral

By: C.R.

Police officers from the Novo mesto Police Department have arrested 19 illegal migrants in the last 24 hours while performing state border protection tasks.

In the area of Balkovci (PS Črnomelj) seven citizens of Afghanistan were tracked down and arrested, in Dragatuš a citizen of Morocco, in the area of Miliči (PS Črnomelj) three citizens of Afghanistan, in Podgračeno (PS Brežice) four citizens of Afghanistan, and in Obrežje four citizens of Afghanistan. Police proceedings with foreigners who have illegally crossed the state border have not yet been completed.

In the last 24 hours, while performing the tasks of guarding the state border in the area of Ljubljana, police officers of the Ljubljana Police Department tracked down and arrested three foreigners (from Afghanistan) who had illegally crossed the state border. The proceedings of the police officers with the foreigners have not yet been completed.

Statistically, most migrants are still found in the area of the Koper Police Department, especially in the area of Ilirska Bistrica. The Ljubljana Police Department has recently registered fewer illegal migrants, and the Novo mesto Police Department slightly more.


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