14 Illegal Migrants Hidden in Camper

(Photo: Demokracija)

Koper police stopped a motorhome on the road for Mune on Tuesday. The driver was a 30-year-old from the Ljubljana area, driving in the company of a 34-year-old passenger. During the inspection, 14 foreigners were found in the camper. They were hidden under the bed and inside cabinets and drawers. The Koper Police Department stated that all 14, one Iranian national and 13 Iraqi citizens, have applied for international protection.

According to the Koper Police Department, the police also stopped a personal vehicle, driven by a 25-year-old from the Krško area. The driver and the passenger were both detained by police. After the hearing, the investigating judge ordered the two drivers to remain in custody, while the passenger was placed under house arrest.

Police officers from Črnomelj tracked down and arrested 12 foreigners who illegally crossed the state border in the area of Žuniči, Preloka, Adlešiči and Dolenjci. Detained in the area under the administration of the Novo mesto police, were seven Algerian citizens, two Moroccan and Tunisian nationals respectively, and one Syrian citizen. They are still under police investigation, the Novo mesto Police Department reported.