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Sunday, December 10, 2023

Why did Sledilnik covid-19 host Renata Salecl?

By: Aleš Ernecl / Nova24TV.si

Sledilnik (Tracker) describes itself on Twitter as a platform that “collects, analyses, visualises data on covid-19 in Slovenia, for a better overview of the scale of the epidemic and risk assessment.” The commendable, community service of the engineers, one could say. Yes, until they came forward about ROG (factory name) and until they hosted a well-known far-left agitator, Renata Salecl, in a show that was supposed to promote science.

The Twitter account named Sledilnik covid-19 had deep respect in the eyes of all Slovenes, as they imagined that there was a bunch of hard-working engineers behind this profile. However, they first spoke unscientifically, ideologically, and dilettantishly about what was happening in ROG, and then hosted a social scientist and a well-known far-left ideological agitator, Renata Salecl, in a show that was supposed to promote science.

Recall, this year she jumped out at us at least twice, if not three times. As someone who abused her position at the Faculty of Law to attack the government, as someone who, although has received a lot of state money from the Faculty of Law for “researching covid-19” – and as someone who abused and tarnished the reputation of SAZU when, in the name of SAZU, you guessed it, she attacked this same government. She is a notorious anti-Janšist and far-left activist, and Sledilnik invited her as a super-reputable scientist who seems to be coming to tell us something that will pamper us. The result? She could not get past her political inclination.

Honestly, they really did not have to do that, and the followers’ responses also tell their story by themselves.


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