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Friday, December 8, 2023

Vinko Vasle and Jože Biščak: Coup d’etat of the first-classes!

It took only a little more than three months to uncover the horrific network that has been woven by a deep state in (also) state institutions in recent years.

We have to admit that we were stunned to learn that the hatred towards the center-right government is so great that first-graders used the National Investigation Office (NPU) to defend their privileges in the midst of a health crisis. Because the detention of the Minister of the Economy Zdravko Počivalšek and the investigation into the purchase of medical equipment, with which the Janša’s government saved hundreds of lives of Slovenes, are intended exclusively to overthrow the government.

Now it is no longer a question of whether the thesis of the existence of a deep state is plausible or not, whether a deep state exists or not, or who believes in conspiracy theory or not, now it is just a question of who is fighting to disable the deep state, which is associated with NGOs and the mainstream media, once and for all, and who fiercely defends it.

We can only blame Minister Počivalšek for being so very correct that he collected offers for the purchase of medical equipment that Slovenia did not have, as Marjan Šarec left the warehouses empty. The Minister of Economy should act in the same way as his colleagues in Europe and the world did. He should make a few calls and order equipment right away. Can you imagine Slovenia gaining independence through public tenders, asking Belgrade for permission to arm its army, and listening to the views of such media as Dnevnik thirty years ago? Slovenians would not have their own country even today! Precisely because the Demos government then acted as it is, we are now independent. Similarly, we can not only say, but even claim that Slovenia survived the first wave of virus infections very well (if not excellently) precisely and exclusively because the government acted as it did. Including Minister Počivalšek, who found himself in the middle of an investigation and was was held in provisional detention, and Minister Hojs, who (unfortunately) resigned.

Hojs just couldn’t have done it any other way. With his resignation, he drew attention to the deep state, which not only launched a political investigation against Počivalšek, but also revealed its intention to overthrow the government by all means and with the help of a specialized state prosecutor’s office and NPU, threatening its existence and the existence of privileges of first-classes. When street protests and media attacks proved ineffective, the deep state apparently resorted to the last weapon – the use of law enforcement. And the use of elite and armed units (which the specialized prosecutor’s office and the NPU certainly are) to overthrow a perfectly legitimate and legal government is an attempted coup. By definition!

Resistance to Prime Minister Janez Janša, which in recent months has grown into paranoia and dangerous incitement (which stinks after the civil war) against all those who support him or his party and government, has its foundations in the period before independence and during independence, as the majority of those who today establish a deep state and its subsystems within state institutions opposed the independence of Slovenia, was and still is largely pro-Yugoslav, hence also pro-communist. On a more than symbolic level, Janša has always posed a threat to stolen, appropriated privileges in the former regime, and these privileges have been ruined whenever he and his coalition were in power. Before independence, the greatest privileges were enjoyed by the top of the Yugoslav army, Tito’s generals and army structures that lived a life different from the life of the average citizen, and the communist “superstructure” from the top of the state to municipal secretaries and their entire families. But even this was justified already by the “liberation” in 1945, when the communist leadership together with the army leadership established special shops just for them, when liquidation detachments killed the bourgeoisie, merchants, factory owners and large farmers in the country to get hold of to their property, which was cynically called – another accumulation of Titoist capital.

This “instinct” about the hereditary ideological right to privileges was not buried by the farewell from the previous state. Moreover, today it manifests itself in the right to receive and not to create, in the right to distribute taxpayer money according to one’s own measure and needs. This psychopathic understanding of property, financial rights, of course, also stems from the communist religious lie that this is a system “for everyone according to their needs”, which has always been shown in reality that there is an elite that is entitled to get more and better. When we follow the so-called cycling protests today, we see in the vast majority of them those who defend their material privileges on the streets, even with death threats, which, by the way, no one endangered even in these difficult times of the pandemic. Protesters from the ranks of well-paid cultural cream, even the very uncreative, protesters from the ranks of privileged suppliers of medical equipment (who were enormously rich under previous left-wing governments and did not get a job during the pandemic), protesters from the ranks of opposition parliamentary parties unable to win elections and in parliament, but on the street, they say; protesters with Udba pedigree, protesters – former Yugoslav army officers, paid protesters who hardened in the so-called All-Slovenian popular uprisings, protesters of domestic and imported antifa – all these turned normal democratic opposition to the government, the current government, into a paranoid persecution against everyone who doesn’t think like them. They are becoming really dangerous. However, people who uncritically fall for such protest elites do not realize that they are not really seeking their rightful rights in the protests because of the second-classness created by the elite of protesters and left-wing pro-communist parties in the past – but that they are even consolidating their second-classness with demagoguery slogans “kill Janša”, “kill the Janšists”, “down with capitalism”, “down with clientelism and corruption”, “away with private property”…

At the same time, of course, the essential bearers of the current events should not be overlooked – the so-called “ideological tycoons” from the most important parts of the social system. This includes certain judges – all the way to the Supreme Court, who in the past were ready for political court confrontations – to name just two of the most drastic cases: the Patria affair and the horrific prosecution against the then Maribor mayor Franc Kangler. Prosecutors and judges took part in these activities, who held important party functions in the former state and still like to show off the symbol of the former state – the red star – and participate in party orgies honoring the communist regime.

Much of this supportive core of the current paranoid rampage for the liquidation of the current legitimate and legal government and coalition lies in the education system – from primary schools onwards, especially from some faculties, especially the FDV, the Faculty of Law and the Faculty of Arts. Part of the state, public apparatus has never accepted the new state as its intimate option (nor have others, because they followed the father of modern Udba-Communism Milan Kučan or a little evil communist), the public sector in general – including in the ministries – is dominated by the so-called old forces or those who have internalized their agenda. The same can be said for the leading structures of repressive bodies, especially the police and especially the ideological and political formation of leftists – created by former Minister Katarina Kresal – that is the NPU (The National Investigation Office), which in the past dealt specifically with the current Prime Minister Janez Janša and his party. It is not an independent body for the prosecution of organized, the worst crime, but an institution that carries out the political prosecution of dissidents – on the right. Leftists are completely safe; if we only mention Ljubljana Mayor Zoran Janković or the laundering of terrorist Iranian money in the national Nova ljubljanska banka, the investigation of which was prevented by the top of the NPU. This is one of the biggest corruption stories, as individuals received large “commissions” or corruption. Of course, the protesting cyclists do not care about this left-wing crime.

An important structure or carrier of organized parastate terror against the government and the coalition are MSM media, where the national RTV House, POP TV, Delo, Dnevnik, Večer and the weekly Mladina stand out, and after the purchase of the Reporter by an already punished tycoon, this weekly is also increasingly playing the role of an “independent” medium in the shelter of a deep state. These are also joined by the party cell of the deep state, the Association of Journalists of Slovenia, and all of them are based on the “liberal” undemocratic agenda of being the only bearers of public truth. Let us merely remark that, by definition, they represent the pinnacle of unprofessionalism, the bearers and disseminators of half-truths and even lies. These media have already proven in the past that they are part of this so called deep state – they rat on, they do not inform; they condemn, they do not check; they judge, they do not weigh, and use the most discarded ‘character assassination’ methods.

Separation, incitement, calls for murder, lies, black udba-propaganda … Where have we seen all this before? Yes, among other things, in one of the fundamental historical works of the historian of the younger generation, dr. Jože Možina’s “Slovenski razkol” (The Slovenian divide).

And someone has to take this violent ideology from the roads and streets back to the institutions of democracy – and that can only be elections. Otherwise, we will not only read Možina, but we will also live him.

Jože Biščak, editor-in-chief of the Demokracija magazine and president of the Slovenian Association of Patriotic Journalists, and Vinko Vasle, long-time journalist and editor and former director of Radio Slovenia.


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