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Thursday, September 28, 2023

(VIDEO) SHOCKING! Illegal Muslim Immigrants Assimilating Territories: Police Uncover Migrant Settlement in Forest!

In the vicinity of the Croatian town Široka Kula (about 20 kilometers from the border with Bosnia and Herzegovina), the townspeople discovered an actual settlement of illegal migrants in the middle of the forest, the daily Dnevno reports.


An anonymous cameraman’s picture shows that illegal migrants, who apparently came from Bosnia and Herzegovina carrying with them larger tents, have built an actual small town there. It is known throughout Europe that Muslims want to “conquer” the territory first, make it their own and then live there according to their rules.

The illegal migrants have already left this settlement, but the police predict that at least 50 migrants could have lived in it, leaving behind disorder and pollution.

You can watch the video HERE.


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