The scary bias of the media: Janša is being accused of an insulting attack on the radical MP Kordiš!

Miha Kordič (Photo: RTV SLO)

By: Aleš Ernecl / Nova24tv

Imagine if an MP used an extremely aggressive tone when talking to another MP, or even the Prime Minister, while spewing a bunch of harsh accusations, without feeling any need to prove that they are true, all in the spirit of “we all know that.” The Prime Minister responds cynically, but unlike the visibly angry, aggressive MP who is practically shaking, he still acts like a gentleman. He does not raise his voice; there are no accusations, all he does is tell him what he thinks of his outburst – by telling him he is going to inquire about the availability of beds in the psychiatric hospital. What does an independent journalist do in a case like this? We do not know, but we have a record of what the mainstream media did. They put a spin on the story and made it seem as if the Prime Minister was the one who was insulting.

Miha Kordiš, the extreme left-wing anarchist and the person who should have been expelled from the parliament of a liberal democratic republic a long time ago made a number of accusations against the Prime Minister in another one of his savage outbursts. He was also not ashamed to admit that he has no evidence for any of his accusations and that the whole thing is based on hearsay and the “we all know that” mentality. Janez Janša responded cynically, but still in a civilised manner. And the central media? They are spreading lies and saying that Janša was insulting.

Kordiš also told Janša he should go to a psychiatric hospital – but nobody said anything about it back then

The POP TV web portal published the headline: “The Levica MPs left the session of the National Assembly after Janša’s insulting response” and wrote the following in the introduction of the article: “The beginning of the session of the National Assembly was marked by a verbal duel between the Prime Minister Janez Janša and the Levica MP Miha Kordiš. He accused Janša of cooperating with criminal groups, and the Prime Minister replied that, as the interim Minister of Health, he would ‘ask the competent institutions how to help those who spew such nebulous statements.’ While Janša got a round of applause from part of the MPs for his answer, the MPs of the Levica party left the session in protest of the insulting answer.” The article which was published on the RTV website was similarly biased.  

Janša responded to the savage outburst and lies of Miha Kordiš by hinting that he should really visit a psychiatric hospital – but let us not forget that just a few months ago, Kordiš also told Janša that he should go to a psychiatric hospital, except Kordiš did it in a much more hostile and aggressive tone – and more or less unprovoked. Why did the mainstream media not respond at the time?