The pathetic overthrow of the government continues with a candidate who was not even elected as an MP: After an evening saga, Erjavec came to four signatures of DeSUS MPs!

Kerl Erjavec (Photo: STA)

By: Aleš Ernecl

Yesterday’s evening session of Karl Erjavec with the DeSUS parliamentary group in the National Assembly of the Republic of Slovenia was basically only a tragicomic efforts of the opposition, which has been intensively working in recent months to overthrow the current government. It is still outrageous that one of the people’s unelected failed politician, in a sense, is holding members of the National Assembly hostage for several hours in order to force them to sign a (un)constructive no confidence vote of the current government. But it is even more noteworthy, how much torment is put into this. It is as if Karl Erjavec was trying to prolong his political career with the last atoms of power, and he is probably already asking his colleagues on their knees to give their signatures.

The 46-vote saga, which has evolved over time into a 43-vote saga, has lasted since the establishment of a common brand of the current opposition called KUL. From the very beginning, when they presented the technical mandatary, economist Jože P. Damijan, who was carried away by indecision and his own inexpertness, it was said that the opposition would file a constructive no confidence vote against the government and that it needed only 46 votes – which, so to speak, they already have. Well, they still do not have them. Meanwhile, the “brand” has been stripped of its technical mandatary and has been added a failed politician, but this failed politician, unlike Damijan, has determination and does not care if he is incompetent, unprofessional or unelected by the people.

The question is still open

Yesterday, the President of DeSUS met for several hours with members of the DeSUS parliamentary group, already stormed out from the National Assembly at the beginning of the meeting, then returned, and continued with the meeting, torture, extortion, and pleading to members of the DeSUS parliamentary group, for a few hours. In the end, he managed to get signatures, but the question whether the members will give a no confidence vote in the voting is still open.

The candidate of the KUL coalition for Prime Minister, Karl Erjavec, ran in five elections, and worked as a minister for twelve years in six governments, namely in three different departments. However, despite his long political career, he received a total of only 5,743 votes, while the current Prime Minister Janez Janša received 7,020 votes in the last elections for the National Assembly of the Republic of Slovenia alone.

And this continuation of the saga yesterday was a true parable of the months-long saga itself: uncompromising, shameless, distasteful – by force. Of course, there are no grounds for instituting constructive no confidence vote in the government, and anyone with common sense knows that, but as the KUL opposition does not care about the epidemic and the people who die because of it, they do not care if half of the world declares them incompetent fraudsters, who would forcibly like to come to power.