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The freedom of speech is gravely threatened in Slovenia. The violent attacks against the political weekly Demokracija and its editor-in-chief are the proof of it.

Only a few weeks ago, practically the whole conglomerate of Slovenian mainstream media, headed by the pro-régime’s Slovenian Journalist Association, has severely attacked the political weekly Demokracija and its editor-in-chief Jože Biščak. The reason behind those attacks? The title page of Demokracija, depicting a girl being grabbed by the hands of dark-skinned men. And the conclusion of the régime’s media was »pure and blatant racism!«

Even before this grave incident occurred, the editor-in-chief, Jože Biščak, has become the target of grave threats, issued by the leftist or neocommunist tweeters, when he adroitly responded to one of them who had compared the First Lady of the United States Melania Trump to an extraterrestrial, with the vivid metaphor of former FLOTUS Michelle Obama. They demanded no less than the legal proceedings against and the arrest of Jože Biščak himself. And all this because of he had exceeded the framework of political correctness that regards racism only when a dark-skinned person is the victim of it, but turnabout is not really fair play.

Jože Biščak, Editor-in-Chief at Demokracija magazine. (Photo: Demokracija)

After the publication of the aforementioned cover, a violent witch hunt has commenced, in which even Slovenia Ministry of Culture took part. Because of the cover page, Demokracija was reported to the Inspectorate for media, obviously with the intention of banning further publication of Demokracija. However, the Inspectorate came to the conclusion that it does not have enough competences to take such an action, so it ceded the matter over to the police.

By the way, the Slovene Writers Association also became active in the campaign against Demokracija, under the false accusations of instigating the »hate speech«. Social network Facebook participates in it as well, by censoring not only the aforesaid title page of Demokracija, but also of censoring the advertisement of the book entitled Manifest za domovino.

It also seems that the interpretation of the cover page by the mainstream Slovene media, has been deliberately misleading, arguing that most victims in Slovenia are raped by Slovene nationals and not by the migrants. As Jože Biščak has explained, the title page figured as a warning that the migrants would bring to Slovenia different views on women and  the question of rape as well. They come from the cultural environment, which tolerates female genital mutilation as something that is acceptable and which also tolerates the marriages of female teenagers, little girls aged 12 or 14 years; and where, in certain cases, the rape is admissible. This culture considers women as inferior human beings, subjected to male domination. The explanation of the classical islam proves all of these points, as the victim of the rape, woman, needs four witnesses to be able to prove the crime in the islamic court of law.

Even though the mainstream media like to show themselves off as guardians of tolerance and champions against the social exclusion, their accusations of racism and hate incitement are nothing else but  an attack against the freedom of speech and an attempt of silencing those who do not agree or comply with them. The case of the title page of Demokracija shows that the focus is not on the fact that dark-skinned people are more prone to commit the rape. It is a warning that we are being faced with illegal migrants whose cultural environment, especially the question of rape, differs greatly from the European point of view, where it is considered unacceptable, regardless of the political affiliation.


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