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The Constitutional Court Ruled Against the Will of the Voters That They Expressed in Two Referendums: Same-Sex Couples Can Now Adopt Children! Aleš Primc Has Already Responded to the Decision

By: Andrej Žitnik / Nova24tv

“Crazy. Sick. Mad. Vile. Insane. Idiotic. And above all – a crime against children and families, and the laws of nature and God.” That was the response of Aleš Primc, head of the “It’s About the Children” coalition, to the decision of the Constitutional Court, which was announced on Friday.

The said decision overturned the referendum will of the Slovenian nation, which, in two different referendums, voted against the option of two men or two women in a homosexual partnership being able to adopt a child under the same conditions as a husband and wife who are officially married. But according to Aleš Primc, head of the coalition “It’s About the Children,” the Constitutional Court did much more than just that with its ruling. Because of the Court’s decision, marriage, as we have known it for so long, will soon cease to exist.

“Today’s decision of the Constitutional Court, which demands the annulment of an idea of marriage only being a union between husband and wife and the introduction of adoption of children by homosexual and transsexual couples is scandalous, unjust and ideologically motivated. The decision of the six Constitutional Court judges – Dr Matej Accetto, Katja Šugman Stubbs, Dr Rok Čeferin, Dr Špelca Mežnar and Dr Marijan Pavčnik – with which they annulled the idea of marriage being a union between a husband and a wife and legalised the adoption of children in homosexual and transsexual relationships, is in complete contradiction to the principle of justice, the natural law and Slovenian culture,” said Primc.

Terrible consequences
The decision of the Constitutional Court will have other dire consequences. From now on, same-sex couples will be able to adopt children, while the children’s actual grandparents still will not be able to adopt them. The decision will also become the legislative basis for the artificial insemination of a woman without a partner, who would then become the father. This type of ideology will start being introduced in schools, despite the fact that parents have a guaranteed right to the moral education and upbringing of their child according to the Constitution, as well as according to the European Charter of Fundamental Rights.

The decision of the Constitutional Court will also lead to the legally permitted child trafficking and gross exploitation of women who will conceive, give birth and sell their children for payment, which is something that is already happening abroad.

Aleš Primc: Do not give up!
In response to the judges’ decision, Aleš Primc announced a fierce fight against the devaluation of the family. He called on his supporters to pray and take action and, at the same time, announced that many activities for a normal Slovenia will take place in the next half of the year.


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