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Friday, December 8, 2023

Republic of Slovenia not planning additional lockdown restrictions for now

Interior Minister Aleš Hojs announced on Wednesday that it was not currently necessary to step up lockdown restrictions in Slovenia, since compliance with the existing measures has been satisfactory.

While the government had been mentioning the possibility of also restricting movement to municipal borders, Hojs said that police had established relatively few violations in over 5,000 inspections carried out since gathering in public spaces was prohibited last Friday. Moreover, only a few dozen violation reports were filed by citizens.

Hojs said the total figures showed violations among only 2% of those checked, a figure he finds encouraging and that he expects will not worsen but rather improve in the future.

The minister again urged people to stay at home and to also restrict themselves when it comes to outdoor recreation, making sure to give priority to elderly people, who need it more.


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