Police has indicted socialist candidate Lidija Mavretic, who smuggled illegal migrants across the border with her husband

Lidija Mavretič

Police caught 14 illegal migrants in Sodrazica at the end of July, as well as two Slovenian citizens. Among them were Lidija Mavretic, former United List candidate or current SD Dejan Zidan candidate and her husband Mark Hranilovic.

At the time of her arrest in the area of the Kocevje-Ribnica region, Mavretic Lidija had already managed to release all the foreigners from the car and her husband was reportedly caught with them. Police detained her but later released her. Together, all three are expected to help seven Pakistani nationals. Police officers are investigating suspicion of the criminal offense of prohibited crossing the border or territory of the state and a criminal complaint has been filed with the District Attorney’s Office.
The President of the Slovenian Social Democrats (Socialists) Dejan Zidan, who is also the President of the Slovenian Parliament, liked to hang out with the smuggler very often.