Pakistani Under-Aged Illegal Migrant Detained After Raping Disabled Local Girl


Recently, the public was shocked by a crime commited by two illegal migrants from Pakistan, that is, a country that is home to the culture of rape, raped a sick local woman. For the first suspect, A.D., a minor from Pakistan, the court ordered detention.

The municipal court in Bihać ordered detention for the minor, A.D., from Pakistan. He is suspected of raping, together with a sibling, a local in Bihać, the latter did not have any possibility of defending herself.

Remembering that the Avaz web portal had announced the news that a woman came to the police to report that her sister, a disabled girl, was raped by someone.
The police said that the 18-year-old woman met two illegal migrants in Bihać who took her to an abandoned building. They attacked her there, then A.D. raped her.