New Brutal Attack on Freedom of Speech! Man Goes on Trial for Criticizing a Teacher Who Indoctrinated Children with LGBT Ideology!


We have highlighted years ago, in the weekly Demokracija magazine and on our website, the increasingly present LGBT ideology and the theory of gender in the Slovenian school system. However, that is not all – in many western countries this has become part of the officially prescribed “political correctness” (or new totalitarianism), since these ideologies and their promotors must not be criticized. This is clearly spreading in Slovenia as well.

About a month ago, Oton F. (we keep the name and address at the editorial board office) harshly criticized on Facebook one of the elementary schools in the Goriška region and a teacher in the first grade, who he did not name with neither the first nor last name. He told us that his six-year-old granddaughter brought home the news of what they were learning at school. Namely, the teacher said that she had a booklet in her hands that explains how a child could have two dads or two moms. On the objection of the students, that this is impossible, she said something like this: if the mother cannot keep her child, she can leave her child in the maternity ward and later this child can be bought by two dads or two moms. This is how the six-year-old told, more or less, described the contents of the lesson at home. Our interlocutor, Oton F., is horrified by this and wondering how they can indoctrinate children with LGBT ideology and at the same time support even child trafficking. According to sound judgment, every such teacher should have to leave the school the next day. Our interlocutor invited the principals to make some order among the teachers.

Well, the school he criticized clearly has a different opinion. The teacher, who was not mentioned with her first nor last name, recognized herself by the description and filed criminal charges against Oton F. He told us that soon after he posted his Facebook comment, he started to get pressured to withdraw the publication. The commentators under the publication said he should delete it even to protect the child’s interests. Even though the controversial conduct of the teacher was supposed to be confirmed by several children and their parents, they all ‘retreated’ after the initial outrage at the parent-teacher meeting, apparently out of fear. Yesterday, Oton F. received from the court in Nova Gorica a temporary order and enforcement order on his transaction account in the amount of ten thousand euros, with an additional threat of hundreds of thousands of euros for the defamation of honor of the teacher. He also received a private lawsuit filed by the teacher. According to our information, the lawsuit is also filed by the school. Meanwhile Oton F. has deleted the comment, the content is stored in our archive.

Anyway, this shocking example is proof that nothing good can be expected – if the teacher succeeds in winning this bizarre court procedure, it will definitely be confirmed that the promotors of the violent LGBT ideology in our country are protected as much as the bears in Kočevje. Nobody can lift a finger against them. Parents who disagree with the LGBT ideology will have to stay quiet and accept it under the pressure of repression. How long will we continue to suffer?