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Media tycoon Martin Odlazek promotes Violeta Tomić as a victim of the media, which are just waiting to discredit her?

Foto: violetatomic.si/YouTube
­The deputy of the Left Violeta Tomić got into media with the help of the media tycoon Martin Odlazek – in an interview she gave the impression of a victim of the media, which are only thinking about discrediting her, even though she herself likes to attack media which she does not like and people who show her that they do not agree with her. But she did not only point out that it is terrible to be a woman in politics but also that honesty is an important virtue for her since her mother taught her to always tell the truth, even if it hurts.

Emphasising the importance of honesty, Tomić said in an interview for Zarja that we are witnessing a real flood of fake news today, which is why people have difficulty distinguishing what is true and what is not. She focused on the reporting of media on the fear of migrants. She is bothered that most people have never seen a migrant or refugee face-to-face but still argue that migrants are flooding the country, taking citizens’ money, and bringing dangerous illnesses. She also does not understand why people in Bela krajina have been collecting signatures against a migrant centre. “These are fears that are very reminiscent of the second world war, when people calmly watched as Jews were driven into concentration camps because they’d previously created the mad impression that they were to blame for everything.”

Tomić: Only the truth will set you free

“That’s why I’m an activist, I’ll speak the truth because only the truth will set you free,” she said in the interview. But everyone who has been paying close attention to Tomić knows that these are just platitudes which have nothing to do with reality. She demonstrated her “principled behaviour” and “honesty” when she (with the help of the left-wing media) claimed that SDS deputy Branko Grims was the person she had photographed on a ferryboat to Vis. She started the false rumour on Facebook, where she wrote that she had met “Branko Grims with a camera”, and such a caption was a real stroke of luck for the bloodthirsty leftist media. Since their circulations, readership and viewership have been decreasing due to simple-minded reporting, they have taken advantage of Violeta’s statement and adapted it in order to destroy Branko Grims and his family. But Grims is not the author of the photographs. His only “mistakes” were that he went to Vis and that he had a camera with him while being noticed by Violeta Tomić. Of course, the principled Tomić did nothing to to negate the false reports.

Odlazek – Tomić’s promoter

Odlazek, who ensured Tomić’s promotion in Zarja and Svet24 (the latter published an interview identical to the one in Zarja) is considered a real media mogul who is influencing numerous famous lobbyists. The inner circle of his collaborators supposedly also includes the infamous Branka Neffat (she is also his legal advisor), who is said to have carried out many advisory services for the waste lobby and also lobbied for and introduced numerous puppets into leftist governments. It seems Odlazek also very effectively controls all bigger Slovenian utility companies since he has often taken the directors (whom he supposedly appointed to their positions himself) sailing to Split, where the media mogul also owns a villa worth millions of euros. The people sailing with Odlazek supposedly also included leaders of the ARSO agency. Odlazek is said to have built his waste empire after 2005 – he increased his influence and power particularly due to an excellent media network since he knew the sins of current politicians and was able to extort them in exchange for various environmental permits and grants.

Tomić cares more about migrants than about her own people

Tomić has always been known as a defender of migrant rights; she has even said that politicians have been using migrations to redirect attention from other issues, and she has also labelled the demonstrations in Bela Krajina against an assembly centre as a complete abuse of democracy. She simply does not want to grasp that the anger of Slovenian citizens originates from a sense of being second-class citizens compared to migrants, who have not contributed a cent to the state but live at its expense. How justified the sense of inferiority is was also demonstrated by a photograph of an illegal migrant’s bank statement that turned up on the internet. It revealed that in April of last year the migrant received amounts that even exceeded the average Slovenian net salary. The total amount on the bank statement amounted to an unbelievable €1,248.56 (for no work or contributions to the Slovenian state) – most pensioners with a whole occupational record have a lower pension than that. Apparently, deputies of the Left are much more concerned with migrants than with their own people, who fight for the survival of their families through honest work. What duplicity! But Tomić has already shown her duplicitous nature when it came to deputy salaries. In 2012, she fervently campaigned to reduce deputy salaries with the slogan “Poslance na minimalce!” (Minimum for deputies!), but she quickly forgot this after arriving in the national assembly.

In the interview for Zarja, Tomić admitted that she sometimes used to create scandals with colleagues as an artist and actress in order to draw attention to herself, but no one paid her any heed. “But today we have to hide, because they create a scandal out of everything. They invent anything to discredit me. The truth isn’t welcome in the world of manipulation. In the parliament, there’s a microphone in front of you and media around you at all times, but sometimes journalists want more than you can tell them at that moment. They cannot understand that members of the party from the media cannot learn of proposals and information which first need to be learned and accepted by party authorities,” pointed out Tomić, who insists that they are always trying to discredit her, and she is supposedly also exposed more than her male colleagues. It seems Tomić does not grasp that she is targeted due to the radical positions defended by the Left party in the parliament, and people are especially angered by tweets from representatives of the Left which suggest nationalising the private property of entrepreneurs. The Left simply cannot fathom that it is the economy, not a red star, which is the driving force of the country.

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