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Lana Lokteff: The West Needs To Go Through A Death And A Rebirth

Lana Lokteff is among most known personalities of new political right, that become prominent in recent years. Due practical monopoly influence political left has in mainstream media, new right uses alternative way to promote right ideas, most notable podcasts, vlogs, social media in general. Web media company Red Ice where Lana for decade regularry comment on political and social issues, has 300 regular subscribers with tens of thousands random daily visitors. Among them are obviously leftists too as they constantly put pressure on mainstream politics and web giants executives to shut down Red Ice and thus Lana as well. This leftist efforts are proof of Lana influence on political and social issues in current western society.

Currently the main topic on migration issues is implementation of so called »Global pact on migration«. Would you agree that this pact is very dangerous document?

Yes! In short, this pact not only supports endless open borders into European nations but the agreement also wants to criminalize any criticism of mass immigration! So if Europeans oppose this pact, which is in line with the UN’s ‘replacement migration’ agenda, it may become a criminal offense to speak out against it.

All those who oppose mass migrations and the destruction of Western traditions are regularly labeled by globalists as racists, neo-Nazis, xenophobes, etc. What do you think about these labels?

Of course they are ridiculous and used by people who cannot debate. These loaded terms are racial slurs used against White people, who oppose blatant anti-White politics. No other people on Earth are called racists, xenophobes or Nazis for wanting their people to remain a majority in their nation. These words are used to guilt and shame European people into becoming a minority in their country.

When they attack you with above mentioned level, how do you react? Do you argue, try to explain your position or you just shrug them off?

It depends who I am speaking to but people rarely say these things to my face because they know they’ll have to actually debate me. They usually post comments or write articles online attacking me instead. If in person, I laugh and then ask them a few very basic but powerful questions which I know they cannot answer without sounding like a hypocrite.

Would you agree that “progressive” movements goal is to deliberately weaken West and made it incapable of resisting this invasion of the Third World?

Yes but the invasion by the 3rd world is only made possible by White and Jewish elites in the west who have opened the borders. I think the ultimate plan is to weaken, shame and destroy European people to the point where they no longer care to exist as a people, making it easy to replace them and take what they’ve built. White people stand in the way of globalists doing whatever they want. Watch my video called, Why They Want To Replace White People which has already had 800,000 views.

Would you agree with the assessment that mass migration is not the only threat to the traditions and culture of Western civilization? That the same pervasive threat is represented by various pacifist, LGBT and other »progressive« movements promoted by the left liberal Western elites?

Yes, we can clearly see that. Even if mass immigration wasn’t happening, leftist mentality has divided and weakened Europeans like nothing else. We’ve become sick mentally and emotionally and have lost touch with all things natural, beautiful and healthy. Our families are broken, people aren’t having children, feminists constantly attack men, women are proud to be called sluts, obesity is called ‘body positivity,’ adults and children are given hormones to change their sex or remove their genitals, and there is constant contempt for true strength and beauty. Additionally, we’ve become self hating blaming the entire world’s problems on European people and racism. It’s a mess.

In your opinion, why cultural Marxism get so alarming level of acceptance mainly among youth?

It mostly comes from Hollywood. Turn on any movie or TV show and you will find cultural Marxist programming, same with modern music. Young kids are constantly hit with subliminal programming in entertainment but also blatant messages in school. The educational system in most western nations is dominated by Marxists and so is media and entertainment. The edgy underground counter culture is now us.

Universities were once places, where one could exchange ideas, learn, even challenge taboos. Now they are indoctrination camps. What on your opinion went wrong and how to fix this appaling situation?

Our universities have been taken over by sly Marxists and communists long ago. They covertly took up these positions while the opposition to them became lazy and too trusting. When they became the majority in the system, they blocked anyone not like them from getting in. The answer is for us to take back those institutions in a similar way and that is what they are so paranoid about because they know it worked for them. We should also build our own….again.

Women that reject feminist agenda, almost always face slurs that they are brainwashed/uneducated or too weak to »leave patriarchy« or simply that they are stupid. How do you respond on such slurs?

I tell them then it’s obvious they don’t actually know any nationalist anti-feminist women! They can listen to the many great women I have interviewed on this topic.

Dont you find interesting, that all those so called empowered, independant etc. feminists in fact hang on government support and handouts?

Haha, yes they claim they don’t need a man but then use and take everything men have built or created. It’s a lie. Ofcourse women need men just like men need women. It’s not supposed to be a competition but a joint effort. If feminists don’t have children, they are doing us a favor in the long run.

Left liberal elites already control most mainstream media and now they are out trying to censor world web. Why such fear?

They fear us because we have the truth that will undo their years of propaganda, lies and brainwashing. If people really know, it would be game over for them. They have billions of dollars and still they are failing and media outlets like ours are increasingly popular with shoe string budgets. It’s why they now turn to totalitarian censorship and banning. They are desperate, not strong. Censorship never works in the long run but they will try.

Some web operators cave to left liberal pressure and started to purge known »rightwingers« from their sites.  Did Facebook, Twitter, Youtube closed your web site or account as well and what was the reason, if any given? 

We are under attack. We’ve literally had politicians and various interest groups calling for YouTube to delete our channel. We just received a strike 2 from YouTube for reporting on a migrant who raped and killed a German woman. They claimed we were guilty of ‘hate speech.’ Outrageous! We are the problem for pointing out and being against rape and violence?! One more strike and our channel with 300,000 subscribers will be deleted. It won’t make us shut up and go away though.

Both Europe and USA are damaged with impact of cultural Marxism as well with immigration problems. However level of damage, means to resist, ways how political right responds to threat are different. Can you, at least in general, highlight those differences?

If I understand you correctly, you are asking the different ways in which those on the right are responding to leftist politics destroying the west.

In Europe, nationalist groups are getting increasingly popular for good reason. They are working on a political level and running for positions in government. Europe is more diverse when it comes to parties that can run, unlike America and the tight 2 party system. After Trump, most true nationalists (who want European Americans to remain the majority) realized that nothing could really be done via politics in America, for now anyway. Trump did try to limit immigration but the masters behind the curtain showed him his limits fairly quickly. Anything good he’s tried to do has been shut down. No wall will be built. His presidency has been better for Israel than America.

In America, nationalists are working more on a cultural and social level to influence and spread their ideas. Their commentary is starting to enter into the mainstream political discourse.

I’d say both European and American nationalists need to get better at forming organized interest groups who fight for their interests and against political censorship and discrimination.

And on the end, your opinion- could we avoid destruction of western civilisation or we already passed point of no return?

I think we are at the point where we need to help push it to the ground so we can rebuild and keep aspects we like and throw out aspects that never should’ve been incorporated to begin with, like liberal mindset. The west needs to go through a death and a rebirth and I welcome that. We as a people need to go through the fire to come out stronger and more refined.


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