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Jože Biščak at a meeting of supporters of Nova24TV and Demokracija in Lenart: This government will plunder and rob us until we rise up and become vocal in our demands

By: C. R., J. B.

The 3rd meeting and relaxed gathering in support of Nova24TV and Demokracija took place on saturday. The meeting, which started at 12 o’clock at the Polena Hippodrome in Lenart, also provided food and drinks, as well as an excellent programme. Deputy Chief Editor of Demokracija, Jože Biščak, addressed the attendees and stated, among other things, that “this government will plunder and rob us until we rise up and become vocal in our demands”. “We are on the brink, on the brink of a thin line that can snap at any moment. Consider this: we must not allow this government or Brussels bureaucrats to dictate how we should live.”


Below, we publish the full speech of Jože Biščak at the mentioned meeting in Lenart:

In recent days, the Council for the Protection of Freedom of Speech was established. On the left, they wondered why, and immediately we heard comments that it was an extreme right-wing association. That we do not need such a council because we have a government’s strategic council for preventing hate speech. Is it true? Do we really not need an alliance for freedom of speech? You must be blind and deaf not to see that freedom of speech in Slovenia today is more threatened than ever before.

But not only that. We have heard, why even fight for freedom of speech when Golob’s government and non-governmental organisations will eat us alive. No one will eat me. Will they eat you? No, they will not. It is true; freedom of speech is already so restricted today that it may not seem worth the effort to many to fight for it. They say it is a lost battle in advance, and the only result will be that some of us will end up in prison because we talked too much. But let me tell you: the most important things in the world were achieved by people who continued to strive even when it seemed there was no more hope. And I, you, and those gathered here today sincerely believe that we will continue to fight. We will not give up; we will not relent. Today, here, and now, we will draw a line that the villains will no longer push us over. We will reverse the course of events today, but we must seize it and follow courage and truth.

You know, I recently read an interesting thought. I will not repeat it exactly, but it goes like this: sometimes bad things have to happen before good things occur. In recent months, bad things have been happening to us under this government. Those in power are restricting our freedom of expression, oppressing us, and persecuting us. We, at Nova24TV and Demokracija, feel this especially. Not because we have done anything wrong or committed any criminal act, but solely because we have a different worldview than the leftists. We move forward. This government advocates a culture of death. This government, in the name of the fight against global warming, deprives us of heating our homes and producing electricity. This government is harassing farmers who feed us. They are not saving the planet; they are forcing us into hunger. Those in power, with the help of non-governmental organisations, encourage children to change their gender, which means nothing else but castrating children. They poison families and family trees even before young people grow up.

The list of harmful things and atrocities caused by this government is long, and it will not be long before it is soaked in blood. There, on Gregorčičeva Street, sit bad people, paving a destructive path to the doorstep of every home. What the government and non-governmental organisations are doing, I call it by its true name – they are already carrying out a genocide against us. These are facts that we can all see. But I ask you: will we sit and wait like sheep for slaughter, or will we rise up and resist the planned and orchestrated massacre? The renowned Italian writer and journalist Oriana Fallaci described how one should defend their home and life. She wrote, “He who loves life stands with a gun at the window to defend it.”

You see, there are bad people in the world, but there are many, many more good people. The problem is that bad people are loud and have the media on their side, while good people remain silent and wait for their own funeral. This government will plunder and rob us until we rise up and become vocal in our demands. We are on the brink, on the brink of a thin line that can snap at any moment. Consider this: we must not allow this government or Brussels bureaucrats to dictate how we should live.

No one will deprive us of food, transportation, fuel, and electricity anymore; no one will sterilise our children; no one will force us into euthanasia; no one will prevent us from expressing our opinions; no one will trigger economic Armageddon; no one will threaten us with catastrophe. No one! We must rise and loudly declare: this is our home, our homeland, our language, our culture, our tradition, our faith. We will not let them take it away from us. So today, here, and now, let us promise that we will fight for this and thwart their wicked intentions.

In conclusion, good people, I raise a toast to you, who have come and travelled a long way. I toast to all who are watching us right now, supporting us but could not be here. I toast to Boris Tomašič, a friend, colleague, fellow combatant, and, of course, a world record holder, for the courage and audacity of his vision. And finally, forgive me, good people, I raise a toast to us at Demokracija and Nova24TV, who are fighting, suffering under this government, but remain unyielding and will not surrender.

Thank you, good people, for listening to me. Thank you for coming in such large numbers. Thank you for being here today. I love you all, and I embrace you all. God bless you; God bless the Slovenian people, God bless Slovenia!


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