Joint SDS-SLS list wins 2019 European elections in Slovenia

SDS won the majority of electoral units in Slovenia (yellow):

The Slovenian Democratic Party achieved a third consecutive resounding victory at Slovenia’s fourth European elections. With 26,4 % of the electorate’s support, the joint SDS -SLS list secured three seats out of eight in the European Parliament.


Slovenia again delivered a strong result for the EPP and provided 4 out of 8 Slovenian MEPs, which is the second best result, trailing only to Hungary. Cooperation between SDS and SLS provided fruitful since SLS alone would not be able to enter the European Parliament. The only regret is that the third EPP party from Slovenia, NSi decided not to enter the coalition with SDS and SLS. All three EPP parties joined in a single list would be able to win 5 out of 8 seats in the European Parliament. The landslide victory of the two EPP sister parties list can also be interpreted as a no-confidence vote to the current government. The governing party of Prime-Minister Marjan Šarec suffered a fourth loss in the last year. This time the party came in third, behind the socialists.
Slovenian democratic party now expects that the fruitful and balanced coalition will be agreed in the European Parliament with at least one more party coming from the right side of the political spectrum. SDS also believes that the EPP and ACRE should join forces to balance the negotiating process. We are natural partners and both members of the International Democrat Union.