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Invasion of Illegal Migrants in Slovenia Continues: Police Detains 159 Migrants, Italians Return 16 More!

Last weekend, police officers of the Koper and Novo mesto Police Administrations arrested 159 illegal migrants, who illegally entered Slovenia and violated its sovereignty.

From 7 am on Friday, October 5th, to 7 am on Monday, October 8th, 85 people were arrested in the Koper area for illegally crossing the Slovenian-Croatian border, reported the Koper Police Administration.

They were mostly citizens of Pakistan – 32, followed by Iranian – 17, Turkish – 14, Moroccan – 5, Syrian – 4, Indian – 4, Afghanistan – 2, Algerian – 2, Iraqi – 2, Tunisian – 2 and Kuwaiti – 1.

Of the total number of foreigners, 66 crossed the border in the area of Ilirska Bistrica, while the remaining 19 crossed in the Koper area. In accordance with the Agreement, 80 were returned to the Croatian security authorities, while 5 foreigners expressed their intention to apply for international protection in Slovenia.

The Italian security authorities returned 16 foreigners (5 Iraqi, 5 Iranian, 4 Bangladeshi and 1 Pakistani), who illegally crossed the Slovenian-Italian border. After the procedures, all of them were returned to the Croatian security authorities.

On the 5th of October, during a freight train inspection, the police officers of the Dobova border police station found, hidden in a train chassis, two Pakistani citizens, who were trying to evade border control and illegally enter Slovenia. The foreigners surrendered to the Croatian security authority, the Novo mesto Police Administration reported.

From the 5th to the 8th of October, the Novo mesto police traced and arrested 72 foreigners who illegally crossed the state border, while carrying out border security tasks in the area of Zapudje, Stari trg, Tanča gora, Kanižarica, Sinji Vrh, Gornji Suhor pri Vinici, Dragatuš, Brežice, Nova vas pri Mokricah and Obrežje. The Police procedures were not yet concluded with citizens from Pakistan, Syria, Iran, Bangladesh, Algeria, Libya and Iran.



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