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(INTERESTING) What it is like to see and hear Dnevnik on SLO 1 when it is not biased

By: Andrej Žitnik /Nova 24TV

The socio-political margin at RTV, which considers themselves to be the majority, went on strike yesterday. For your money. You paid them 12.75 euros per month, but they decided not to offer you content for your money. Moreover, they even hijacked the MMC portal (www.rtvslo.si) and completely painted it in strike colours, so that the front page was dedicated exclusively to the strike. Dnevnik show was nevertheless carried out. Not only implemented – it was finally the Dnevnik of all Slovenes, and not the social bulletin of the Communist Party, as Bergant, Štefančič Jr, Milinković and the like want.

Dnevnik RTV Slovenija finally proved that it can be pluralistic and impartial and that it knows how to give a voice to someone who is not 100% on the party line of the penultimate president of the Central Committee of the Union of Communists. It was led by Nejc Krevs. The far-left critics were mainly concerned with the fact that Igor Pirkovič had a contribution in it, they did not comment on the content at all, saying “I stopped watching after one minute”. On the other hand, there was a whole lot of praise from people who finally got their money’s worth from a plural news programme that presented both sides of the story.

There is no hiding that the far-left colleagues are on strike

That is what people on the right and centre really want – that all sides of the story be presented professionally and pluralistically. And that is exactly what Dnevnik did. The strike was the first contribution, but it was not presented simply by interviewing five activists who would shout poorly coherent sentences about the subjugation of the medium and pressures that they could never articulate. Their voices were also heard, but at the same time the voices of the “misheard” – general manager Andrej Grah Whatmought. In Pirkovič’s contribution on the new law on RTV, the voices of the ruling party were heard, as well as that of Žigo Turk, who for years was unofficially considered persona non grata at RTV after completely humiliating Party member Jernej Pikalo in a programme about the financing of private schools. For the first time on public television, we heard the statement “Why do left-wing politicians fight so much for depoliticisation?” We all know the answer.

Meloni is finally no longer a neo-fascist

We can thank the strike of socio-political workers on RTV Slovenia that they no longer talked about the victory of the “neo-fascist” option in Italy, but about the victory of the centre-right option of the three conservative parties. The contribution was a reminder of how journalistic compositions are made in a country where the media is not ideologically hijacked: first of all, it is said who won, who did not win, the reaction of the member of parliament from the Slovenian minority, the reaction of our Prime Minister. That is it. No images of Mussolini marching through the streets of Rome, and then a montage of Meloni greeting her supporters. It is so easy to make an objective contribution without the additions of Igor E. Bergant about Meloni’s neo-fascist roots. On the other hand, the SD is never presented as a neo-communist party, even though it declares itself to be the proud successor of this option.

This was followed by contributions on parliamentary questions and the presidential candidacy of Miha Kordiš and Milan Brglez. No ideology, no stories about what this or that SDS MP said about either candidate. No subjective comments about how inappropriate it is that Alenka Jeraj started attacking the LGBTQ community or that Franc Breznik defends “SDS’s” ambassador.

This is how an informative programme is made!

Viewers are not interested in the opinion of journalists. We are interested in information. Not what socio-political workers think. It is no surprise that this is extremely difficult for socio-political workers who come from eight decades of party continuity to understand. Dnevnik showed that we have far too many employees at RTV Slovenija, as it is possible to make a quality product without the usual ideological tastes with a relatively small team. But at the same time, such a product unintentionally presents all the misery and lack of ideas of the current government. Robert Golob’s government would probably now be at a record low level of support without intensive Putinist embellishment by socio-political workers of RTV Slovenia and ProPlus’s programmes – a total of 200 million euros of capital dedicated to left-wing political propaganda. So yesterday we saw why the far-left government is fighting so hard for [de]politicisation. Because in normal media conditions, where reporting is objective and plural, such a government cannot exist for more than a few months. In addition to the fact that the rulers cannot afford plural media for existential reasons, Dnevnik RTVS showed another painful truth yesterday – a very small team of professionals can run an entire media house and do a better job than a thousand socio-political activists who are sworn to journalism according to the guidelines of the late communist Jože Smolet. It is obvious that we do not need those who called red october in front of the national television house. Radiotelevisija Slovenija could do without a problem with a thousand fewer workers.

You can watch the entire TV Dnevnik show on RTV Slovenia at the following link: https://www.rtvslo.si/rtv365/arhiv/174901804?s=tv

However, if you would like to see a news show on the first programme of RTV Slovenia that was not previously approved by the internal congresses of the parties Gibanje Svoboda, SD, and Levica, we urge you to sign the referendum on the Act on Broadcasting as soon as possible, which would completely politically subordinate the public institution to the post-transitional left. Let TV Dnevnik be an encouragement to you!

Mitja Iršič, former advisor to the Minister of Culture, journalist and publicist, commented on Twitter:

What did yesterday’s TV Dnevnik show?

1) With a small team, it is possible to make a quality show

2) An informative programme does not need to be a collection of subjective opinions – it can report WHAT HAPPENED.

Golob said this, Janša said that, the right won in Italy, it will rain tomorrow, it will be sunny on Friday.


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