In addition to all the foolishness of Kordiš, we also received a lie of Mesec

Luka Mesec (Photo: Nova24tv)

By: Sara Kovač / Nova24tv

It seems as if the Levica party members have been infected with some particular strain of the virus. Besides his foolishness at the session of the National Assembly, Miha Kordiš was brilliantly parried by his colleague, the coordinator of the Levica party, Luka Mesec. The statement of Prime Minister Janez Janša: “Given that I am also performing the function of Minister of Health, I will ask the institutions in charge how to help those who spread such foolishness,” he heard quite differently, as the SD party would say.

“What we saw today is a complete staging of arrogance and cynicism of the authorities, which should not be tolerated at any point,” the coordinator of the Levica party, Luka Mesec, emphasised at today’s session of the National Assembly. But if anything, the main thing that was seen at today’s session was that certain MPs could be given many diagnoses. Prime Minister Janez Janša has already promised to find out how to help Miha Kordiš, and Mesec would undoubtedly need help as well. Which specialist he should visit is a matter of discussion, it is not entirely clear whether he just does not hear or understand well or maybe even hears things.

“He made fun of the MPs of the National Assembly here. Did you hear what he said? He said: Mr. Kordiš, you need psychiatric help. He repeated this twice. Do you find this dignified to any Member of this National Assembly? If you do, then you too deserve to resign as President of the National Assembly. Because you should be the first to protect the integrity of this institution,” said the coordinator of the Levica party Luka Mesec to his fellow MPs and the President of the National Assembly Igor Zorčič today. In addition, he wrote on Twitter: “New day, new bottom. Janša to Kordiš: Mr. Kordiš, you need psychiatric help.” All well and good, if the Prime Minister Janez Janša had not really said: “Given that I am also the Minister of Health, I will ask the institutions in charge how to help those who spread such foolishness.” A few minutes later, however, he said he could only add that it was an emergency. “I will check to see if I have any room left in the department of my clinic in Australia.”

You could otherwise parliamentarise or even go play the game of how many times Mesec lies in a few sentences. In addition to the above, the MP also said that the question asked by Miha Kordiš was completely in line with the announcement: “He said that he would ask a question about the operation of criminal groups and the government’s attitude towards them. And the question was brief, concise, and simple. He asked the Prime Minister about the criminal group of his tax adviser Rok Snežič. We are talking about a criminal group because we are talking about a man who was recently deported from Bosnia and Herzegovina for endangering national security. And he thinks the MP has every right to get an answer to that question. How can a Prime Minister with a man who is in pre-trial proceedings in at least two countries, who is deported from one country due to tax fraud, who has a proven network for fraud and circumvention of tax systems, how can such a man be a government adviser for tax politics in Slovenia?” Everyone can form their own opinion on whether Kordiš’s question was relevant – all you have to do is watch a recording of today’s regular session of the National Assembly. Mesec’s next dubious statement is that Snežič is a tax adviser to the Prime Minister, which Janša has repeatedly described as untrue. By the way, this does not bother Mesec at all, which is well reminded by his endless repetition that 780 million euros will be spent on weapons, after it has long been clear that weapons will not be bought at all. We will not even go into whether Snežič really is in the pre-trial proceedings anywhere.

It is enough to listen to Mesec’s statement at today’s regular session: “Did you hear what he said? He said: Mr. Kordiš, you need psychiatric help. He repeated this twice.” Janša did not say this even once, let alone twice. We can still somehow accept that the session was about some Mesec’s interpretation. That he just repeated the words of the Prime Minister as he understood them himself. Twice a little wrong, but let him be. However, it is really worrying that he then wrote this on Twitter and even put it in quotation marks: “Mr. Kordiš, you need psychiatric help.” As if he is quoting Janša. Because quotes suggest exactly that. By definition, direct speech consists of a literal quotation and an accompanying sentence. A literal quote is an accurate record of what was said, and an accompanying sentence tells us who is the one who spoke. In the given case, Janša to Kordiš is an accompanying sentence that tells us more than clearly that Janša has supposedly said the words to Kordiš. Between the two quotation marks is a literal quotation, i.e. the words that Janša has supposedly said. Admittedly, it happens to everyone that they sometimes change the order of the spoken words. Sometimes the word is even replaced for its more correct version and quotation marks are still used. However, it is really not customary to write down an interpretation of a sentence as a literal quotation of a certain person, as this can also be called a lie. If we followed Mesec’s example, we could write practically anything, supplement it with quotation marks and claim that the person in question really said it. We cannot be too certain that they do not do that either. However, we are not doctors, so we will not diagnose Mesec. Maybe he lied, maybe he heard poorly, maybe he misunderstood, maybe unknown voices whispered to him differently, who knows. However, this is definitely a warning for the future that it should be checked three times when KUL members open their mouths. Namely, Mesec is definitely not the only one with such problems.