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Sunday, December 3, 2023

Golob’s party is checking the phones of the MPs

By: I. K. (nova24tv.si)

In early 2022, when the Gibanje Svoboda party was just starting its political journey, its “vetted cadre” was very closely connected, shrouded in secrecy, and enigmatic. Now, as the party is in an advanced state of disintegration, more and more details from the backstage of this politically opportunistic project of gathered socialists are coming to light. It seems that they have become so afraid of information leakage that they are now systematically inspecting the electronic devices of their MPs.

Reliable sources inform us that the Svoboda party is demanding its MPs to hand over their personal phones for inspection to uncover a “mole” and stem the flow of information. Some members of the party who have advanced in their careers with the party are even complying with this criminal demand, which is not surprising since they are primarily opportunists and professional hangers-on in public services, whose choice is Gibanje Svoboda or registration on the waiting list at the Employment Agency. The increase in information leakage became particularly pronounced last year.

While the party was as secretive and interconnected as the Calabrian Mafia last year, this spring, we started receiving letters from dissatisfied members of the Gibanje Svoboda Ljubljana, expressing their dissatisfaction with the deteriorating state of the party’s operation at the local level and the significant influence of the local general secretary, Vesna Vuković. But as it seems, the dissatisfaction is much greater than one might think. We then heard that due to Vuković, some MPs from the ruling party have had enough, and even some ministers are said to no longer want to talk to her

More and more personal details are leaking from the party

We have also heard details about the mental life of the President of the National Assembly, Urška Klakočar Zupančič, and her conflicts with both parliamentary colleagues and party members. On the side tracks, we also found out why she was absent from the last episode of Tarča show. The official reason given by the Gibanje Svoboda party for cancelling her appearance on Tarča show was health issues. However, our source claims otherwise – or at least partially. Klakočar Zupančič initially confirmed her participation, but it was later forbidden by the party when they learned that Jelka Godec, the leader of the SDS parliamentary group, would also appear on Tarča show.

The source also reveals that Klakočar Zupančič allegedly experienced a sort of nervous breakdown the day before Tarča show, stemming from events at the parliamentary committee session, a meeting of parliamentary group leaders, and later a confrontation within the party, primarily due to internal strife with General Secretary Vesna Vuković.

Just a few months ago, we would not have received such hints in our editorial office, as there was indeed a political omerta on everything happening within the party. However, it seems that panic is gripping people in the Gibanje Svoboda, as they have seen that their information ship is leaking. Therefore, we received a reliable anonymous tip from deep within the Gibanje Svoboda, telling us that there is a crisis within the party where they are desperately searching for “whistleblowers” who are passing on information to us and other media critical of the government.

Outside the circle of trust

Our reliable source also shared another highly significant piece of information. The party’s vice president and the president of the National Assembly are said not to have been informed about the resignation of two MPs, Dejan Zavc and Martin Marzidovšek, that took place yesterday. Well, all of this is reportedly leading to a psychologically induced collapse. What kind, those who were alongside her in the cabinet throughout the saga know. The public, who had no access there, only heard echoes. Among other things, it is said that Klakočar Zupančič is extremely angry with the leader of the SDS parliamentary group. In the future, she will “show her what is coming to her”.

The examination of personal electronic devices points to the breakdown of the system

We have already written about how the general secretary Vuković demanded phone inspections in the past. This was also said to be one of the reasons for Klakočar Zupančič’s bad mood, after Vuković allegedly demanded that all MPs hand over their mobile phones for a personal inspection, as she believed that one of them was leaking sensitive party information to the media. Now, this practice has apparently become much more widespread and includes a wider circle of party members.

What does this say about the party itself? Above all, it shows that they do not respect the constitutional position of members of the National Assembly and that the boat named Svoboda is sinking. They have now seen that the house of cards is collapsing due to the hollowness and incompetence of politically appointed personnel, who, apart from revanchism, practically do not know anything else. That is why party members now find themselves in a similar position as members of Zares in 2011, SMC in 2018, and LMŠ in 2022. They are well aware that they will have to go back into the water and swim to the next ship from Milan Kučan’s famous shipyard.


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