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Erjavec is destructively hopeless again, formateurship is still being shown to him

By: Luka Perš / Nova24tv.si

The saga surrounding the constructive no confidence vote of the opposition KUL quartet continues. The candidate for Prime Minister, Karl Erjavec, said that he would file a constructive no confidence motion next week with ten parliamentary signatures. Which is nonsense: Erjavec cannot file a no confidence vote because he is not an MP. According to the constitution, it can be filed by at least 10 MPs.

But all indications are that this is just an attempt by some left wing opposition parties to quell the media propaganda of the central media. “Another announcement of the filing of constructive no confidence vote by the so-called KUL and the potential Prime Minister Karl Erjavec, represents above all a helpless twitch of the current left-liberal or left-center political group, but I find it hard to believe that it would help calm the Slovenian public,” said political scientist and economist Dr Neven Polajnar.

The KUL coalition is a true political comedy. After the resignation of the original KUL candidate, professor at the Faculty of Economics Jože Pavlić Damijan, the first choice became the long-time president of the DeSUS party Karl Erjavec. He said in front of the cameras that he was also supported by four DeSUS MPs. However, we must not forget that Erjavec has often misled the Slovenian public with his statements in the last month. This time, too, sceptics were quickly found who were not convinced of the words of the KUL coalition’s Prime Minister. “Practically everything Erjavec said is not true,” wrote journalist Bojan Požar.

Due to his views, DeSUS MP Branko Simonovič found himself in the media fire. He told Slovenske novice that it was time for a constructive vote of no confidence to be counted. He also asked for the understanding of Prime Minister Janez Janša, who gave them until Wednesday to decide if DeSUS will represent the colours of the coalition or the opposition. “We are legally, if we respect the decisions of the party’s bodies, the opposition. It is true, however, that last time we voted as if we were a coalition. However, we did not discuss this, everyone voted according to their conscience,” Simonovič told Slovenske novice.

Robert Polnar has already confirmed that Erjavec played another false show for the Slovenian public

Again, as countless times before, Erjavec was accused of lying by DeSUS MP Robert Polnar. The party leadership expelled him from the party some time ago, but Polnar still appears in the parliamentary group of the said party. He also met with one of the MPs who was in a meeting with Erjavec today.

Polnar told Slovenske novice that the dogs bark, but the caravan moves on. The meeting was pointless even today, Polnar assures. He refuted Erjavec’s allegations that the remaining four MPs would support Erjavec as Prime Minister. Unfortunately, DeSUS MPs have been victims of media hysteria since last summer. At that time, the media cartel in the service of the transitional left persecuted the former president of the DeSUS party and the Minister of Agriculture, Aleksandra Pivec, for “a few slices of prosciutto” in the company Vinakras and overnight stays in Izola. Due to huge media pressure, Pivec resigned and Karl Erjavec returned to the presidency of DeSUS.

It is becoming increasingly clear that Erjavec’s return was planned very carefully. By deception, however, he also tricked most of his party’s MPs. Even the latest statements from the DeSUS MPs’ camp suggest that today, more than anything else, they have created a PR event for the far-left media monster, with the intention of buying media peace. This is correctly established by a professor at the Faculty of Social Sciences, Dr Miro Haček. The observer of Slovene politics recalls the statement of the leader of the DeSUS parliamentary group, Franc Jurša, that they signed in order to have peace. “The voting is secret after all. We are not going into extreme opposition, but because there is no other in Slovenia at the moment, we will project support for the government,” comments Dr Haček.

The majority media do not want to accept that the current government, unlike the former left wing governments, is doing well. International data show a very solid picture of Slovenia in the field of unemployment and also very cheap money, which is crucial in this phase of the health crisis. The government has promised and is actively working to establish the Demographic Fund, which was one of the conditions of the DeSUS party to enter the government. DeSUS MPs are aware that the current government has done much more for their retirement base than they did in the governments of Alenka Bratušek, Miro Cerar and Marjan Šarec.

Political scientist Neven Polajnar on the constructive no confidence vote of Karl Erjavec:

Another prediction of the filing of constructive no confidence vote by the so-called KUL and the potential Prime Minister Karl Erjavec, represents above all the helpless twitch of the current left-liberal or left-center political group, but I find it hard to believe that it would help calm down the Slovenian public.

The political actors representing the part of the latter no longer reflect the actual will of the latter (the same is true especially for the government SMC party). Since the last elections, there have been quite a few key social and political upheavals that have changed this picture tremendously: should I refer only to the resignation of the former Prime Minister, or to the issue of the corona crisis.

In the latter case, the parliamentary center-left parties did not offer any clear and serious alternative or one that would at least be recognised as something that is significantly different from current politics and in which the deviating part of the Slovenian public would recognise itself.

This role has been taken over by various social and political movements, which are currently marginalised in both the Slovenian political and media space. An increasing part of this electorate is also pouring into the undecided, which points to serious political apathy in the Slovenian political space.


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