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Draw Your Own Conclusion: English Translation of Ida-Marie’s (14) Song Banned by Facebook, Deemed Racist Because It Criticizes the Open Doors Policy

We have reported that the song of 14-year-old Ida-Marie Müller should have won at the competition in Speyer, but the organizer disqualified the teenage girl because her song criticized the so-called open doors policy towards migrants.

In order for the readers to make up their own minds on whether the poem is really racist or just reflecting the reality of events in Europe, we have translated it in the name of freedom of speech and expression, and the inalienable right for every person to have his own opinion. This is a free translation that focuses on content.

The poem is technically perfect in German, written in rhymes, has its own rhythm and meter, which points to the extraordinary poetic talent of the young Ida-Marie.

Here is a translation:

A Problem of Civil Courage

The black man is no longer a black man / The Gypsy can no longer be called a Gypsy.

Both are very racist / They tell us every day.

Anyone who still dares, is booed / chased down, furiously tarnished

in newspapers and TV debates / such are the “righteous people”.

The censor checks the children’s book / Sarroti’s black man is now white

And it is called civil courage / And you know what? – To hell with you!

A guest from distant lands / came with the help of traffickers

travelling with a mobile phone, without a passport / to the promised German land.

An outraged young man / financially now better off.

But a mistress he cannot find / so he quickly finds help – a knife.

An isolated case, experts say. / With a sense of culture this should be assessed.

And those who are angered or think differently / are just Nazi xenophobes.

And this is called civil courage / And you know what? – to hell with you!

Colorful community, tolerant, civilian and open. / We find it in every city.

The fight for morality is fought here/ everyone who has a name is present:

leftist, trade unionist, representative of the Church / career seekers and traitors of the nation.

The refugees and Muslims / must be integrated.

If they have to be paid / you should not pay attention.

If the German will be poorer, it doesn’t matter / This is the judgement of the green-left’s hypermorality.

And it’s called civil courage / And you know what? – to hell with you!

For all who immigrate here / they demand holy solidarity.

Others should be sacrificed / It’s more comfortable and painless,

and they pretend to be brave, by risking nothing.

They believe their own hypocrisy / because they are skilled in their conversion.

Colorful diversity instead of brown porridge / as long as there are no Nazis in the city.

And then it’s called civil courage / And you know what? – to hell with you!

The demonstrator and the racist live there / The catchpoles and denunciators know it.

And they communicate names and addresses / quickly to the antifascists.

The demonstrator then gets punched on the nose. / He does not belong  in our city!

The dog shit in the mailbox at night. – What a joke.

In the fight against the Right everything is allowed / it’s done for democracy and values

Die, Germany, they scream loudly, like a herd.

And they call it civil courage! / And you know what?! – to hell with you!

And what is the moral of this story?

The knife is stuck in your belly now / For this is the custom of the Orient.

Everyone cry out and clap your hands: / NAZIS GET LOST!!!


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