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Did you know who is the woman who was the business partner of the current president of the republic?

By: Sara Kovač (Nova24tv.si)

The President of the Republic of Slovenia, Nataša Pirc Musar, won the title of national champion in the doubles competition at the national bowling championship – the news flooded the media, but no one mentioned who her teammate actually was. Viktorija Krivolustkaya (Krivoluska) is an accountant at the Pirc Musar Law Firm and worked with the president and her husband Aleš Musar in several other companies that have an unclear source of funding, and she was also sentenced to one-year in prison. In addition, many wonder if this is the way Pirc Musar will restore the reputation of the position of the president of the country, as she announced. At the same time, psychoanalyst Roman Vodeb announced a comment about the “symbolic structure of knocking down pins”.

So, who is the teammate of the President of Slovenia? It is a person whom Pirc Musar supposedly met at the Bowling club, where they played together. However, the event that apparently strongly connected Pirc Musar and her Russian friend was of a completely different nature. In the same year, when the Russian woman became a procurator in the Pirc Musar’s company, she was sentenced to a one-year in prison, namely for causing a traffic accident due to negligence. In 2007, she caused a traffic accident with a fatal outcome and ran away – the police only tracked her down the next day in Zagorje. The motorcyclist was already dead by then. Perhaps even more controversial is the fact that Viktorija Krivolustkaya tried to blame her friend, who was her passenger in the car and was sleeping at the time of the accident, for the accident. The court found Krivolustkaya guilty, and the higher court later reduced her sentence to one year in prison – Pirc Musar denied that her acquaintances had any help in this. Today, however, she is the head of accounting at the Pirc Musar law firm.

“My free time is my joy. Bowling especially. Today I won the national doubles championship with my teammate. Super happy,” the president wrote on Twitter. It is interesting, however, that she did not mention her teammate, who was clearly the reason for the victory (since she was the best in the qualifiers with 1,167 points). Therefore, read below who is Viktorija Krivolustkaya.

That she really is a great confidant of the president is unequivocally shown by the fact that she appears in practically all of Pirc Musar’s business and private matters – who clearly trusts her friend in certain matters more than her husband, Aleš Musar. From the bowling circles, it is possible to hear a lot of information regarding their more than friendly association – both in training and competitions. In 2018, Krivolustkaya also acquired a 49% stake in the company NET PRO SHOP Ltd. based on a private deed, but it does not appear that new capital will be paid in upon entry. It was a gift, it was heard.

Krivolustkaya also appears in the business and private affairs of Aleš Musar. We can only guess what quality she must have had to help NET PRODUKCIJA Ltd. as a company representative. But it appears that Musar, known from quite a few tycoon stories where he controlled several companies and functions in one person, does not have these qualities, according to his wife. The fact is that the management of the company NET PRODUKCJA Ltd. should not pose a serious challenge, as he has already proven by leading the last six years.

We already reported that in December 2012, Pirc Musar decided to separate part of the activities of the company NET PRODUKCIJA Ltd. to NET PRO SHOP Ltd. In this case, too, Pirc Musar first appointed her husband as director, and then in April 2013, Krivolutskaya as procurator. Modus operandi? As can be concluded, with the separation of part of the activities of the company NET PRODUKCIJA Ltd. the activity with sports equipment, which Krivolustkaya was engaged in as an employee, was also separated. Thus, an ordinary mortal would think that with this separation operation they wanted to make the business more transparent and therefore separated the activities by company in a meaningful way. But interestingly, Krivolustkaya was not dismissed as a representative of the umbrella company NET PRODUKCIJA Ltd. by being appointed as a representative of the company that took over the sports business. This remains to this day.

So, with this operation, they did not actually split the activity, but only made an additional entity. Only they know why. The turnover and profits of both companies certainly cannot justify such a transaction. The machinations with the separate society do not stop here. In 2018, Krivolustkaya acquired a 49% stake in NET PRO SHOP Ltd. based on a private deed. The content of the private document is of course not publicly known but considering the operations of both companies and the amount of capital, it can be understood that no new capital was paid in upon entry. Since we do not forget the content, we can even conclude that the basis for entry was something else and not a monetary investment. Maybe it was even a gift? In any case, the described transactions are transactions that deviate from normal business practice and indicate more than friendly trust between Pirc Musar and Krivolustkaya.


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