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CORONAVIRUS AND SLOVENIA IN NUMBERS: According to the number of infections per 1 million inhabitants, Slovenia is in 14th place, shows exponential growth, the new government will probably take more stringent measures if we do not want the Italian sce

Comparing the spread of Covid-19 (coronavirus) infection in Italy and how the number of cases in Italy is increasing day by day, Slovenia is just ahead of the exponential growth of the infection.

On Friday, March 21st, on the portal Demokracija we started monitoring the spread of Covid-19 from MINUTE TO MINUTE. Even then, it was clear that Italy would “fall” and that the whole country could be quarantined. Janez Jansa, the president of SDS, also foresaw possible developments and called on Marjan Sarec, the outgoing prime minister, “to convene the National Security Council without delay, to establish a national crisis headquarters, to keep the public informed about the virus and to effectively monitor the area at critical entry points in Slovenia”.

We had to wait for more than two weeks for the government in resignation to act. Meanwhile Italy became the largest focal point of the coronavirus in Europe (12,462 are infected today, 827 are dead, 1,028 are in critical condition), and in Slovenia we got the first case of infection.

The graph below shows the number of infections in Slovenia.

(Source: Demokracija Archive)

The graph below shows the number of infected people per million inhabitants, where Slovenia ranks 14th among 121 countries where infection was detected.

(Source: Coronavirus World Meter)

According to the number of newly infected persons (as of 11 March 2020), Slovenia ranks 19th.

(Source: Coronavirus World Meter)


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