An officer Eli, superhero for a new era: a few days ago he physically damaged some violent illegal migrants, but today he has chased them through the woods

Elvir Piralić, USKInfo

“When I’ll grown up, I’ll be Eli and I’ll catch migrants,” today sounds on streets of Bihać, social networks and forums reported.

Policeman Elvir Piralić, better known as Eli, is a superhero in Bihać. The locals talk about him in shops, offices and cafes, and children, when they grown up, want to be like him.

The public has known him a few days ago, when the breakdown in front of his family house with some violent illegal immigrants happened, who have been then beaten by him. In this case, police found a gas gun with a Libyan man, reports USK Info.

He has again proved himself today. In a police intervention in the neighbourhood of the new quarter in Bihać, a group of twenty migrants started running to the Borići forest. Piralić than jumped out of the car and ran after them, reports USK Info.

Then something unexpected happened. After “neutralizing” them, others realized that with Eli there is no joke and they themselves returned to him and surrendered. An unusual event was witnessed by the USK Info press team.
Elvir Piralić on social networks Twitter and Facebook is experiencing real ovations these days.