A Petition to Support the Unjustly Prosecuted Advocate of Unborn Children Dr. Tadej Strehovec!

Tadej Strehovec. (Photo: 24kul)

The Catholic priest Dr. Tadej Strehovec is prosecuted and threatened with two years in prison only because he bravely advocates the human rights of all people, including those of unborn children. Let us sign the petition and take a firm stand in favor of the freedom of expression of Dr. Tadej Strehovec, which is also the freedom of expression for all of us. With this petition we demand:

1. An immediate termination of the unconstitutional and criminal trial against Dr. Tadej Strehovec initiated by the District Public Prosecutor’s Office in Ljubljana, Slovenia, with an expected sentence of imprisonment for two years, because of his commitment to the rights of all people, including those of unborn children.
2. The right of Christians to pray in public for their intentions, including for the rights of unborn children, and to express their views in accordance with their own faith, values and belief.
3. An immediate cessation of persecution, discrimination, insult and scourging of Christians in Slovenia and in the World simply because they want to live and act according to their own faith.
4. That the State dutifully protect unborn and born children from all forms of violence.
5. Citizens should fully exercise their right to freely express their opinions and to defend their values without fear of being persecuted!
We do not approve of our justice system carrying out a trial against Dr. Tadej Strehovec and unconstitutionally taking away the freedom of expression of all of us.

Coordination “We do not judge, we help!” In support of Dr. Tadej Strehovec.