A Petition Inviting the Slovenian Government’s Withdrawal from Marrakesh Declaration

Simbolic photo (epa)

We published a paper on Sunday about the Marrakesh political declaration, which the governing authorities intend to introduce into the Slovenian legal order without asking anyone’s opinion. There is neither a prospect for a debate in the National Assembly nor were the citizens acquainted with the content. They are not even thinking about asking the latter for their opinion.

The publication showed great unity among Slovenians. Most of them reject the illegal immigrants. There was no difference between comments or messages, that is, if we neglect those for whom we have a strong assumption that they are members of so-called non-governmental organizations that help illegal migrants in the illegal border crossings. Maybe people from George Soros’ pay list, who knows?

Today, we are publishing the link to the online petition called Invitation to the Slovenian Government to withdraw from the Marrakesh Declaration. The petitioner is the sportsman Rok Bratina. He is currently studying in Lublin, Poland, where he monitors “developments around an increasingly probable new migration crisis that will soon reach us.” After all, Poland has already resigned from the Marrakesh Declaration. Bratina wrote in the introduction: “I return to Slovenia in December and I do not want to even think about returning to my homeland if it will be robbed of its sovereign decision-making regarding the migration policy on its territory. I cannot imagine this and I do not want to believe it. “

He also explained the reasons for the withdrawal from the Marrakesh Declaration. He wrote: “Let’s look at the wider picture. Hungary has opposed this declaration from the very beginning, while Austria and Croatia are also considering a resignation. In Italy, the Interior Minister Salvini is pulling all the strings regarding migration. Finally, we have to admit that Slovenia is slowly sinking into an abyss. Most of all, it is us Slovenes that are being threatened. We have been living in this unique territory between the Alps, the Adriatic Sea, the Pannonian and Padua lowlands. In 27 years, after finally creating our own country and fulfilling the dreams of our ancestors, instead of receiving security and protection from the state, we get the feeling that we are superfluous to our authorities. So much so that the most successful people leave Slovenia every day, as well as those, especially young people, who are about to become successful. The reason for concern is, in particular, that we are replacing the people leaving with people who not only are not prepared to work and not ready to integrate but have a completely different idea about our world. By signing the Marrakesh Declaration, our destiny will be sealed and it will no longer be in our hands. “

So far, about 4,000 signatories have signed the petition. It is available here:

We invite the Editorial Board to sign the petition as well.