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Woman’s life-changing shower cleaning hack makes mouldy tiles look ‘good as new’

by A.P.

A woman has shared an ‘amazing’ bathroom cleaning hack which she claims will make mouldy tiles in the shower look ‘good as new’

Cleaning the bathroom is one of those tasks that a lot of people like to put off for as long as possible, as it can be a bit of a faff.

It’s especially tricky if you haven’t been using the extractor fan properly and the damp room has caused mould to grow in the grouting around the tiles.

It can be difficult to remove the mould and get your shower or bath looking nice and new again.

However, one woman claims to have found a cleaning hack that does just this and what’s even better is she says it doesn’t involve any intense scrubbing and will only cost you £2 to try for yourself.



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