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Woman’s Christmas tree dubbed the “world’s worst” as she jokes it “sums up 2020”

by A.P.

Think Christmas trees are all about joy and cheer? You might think again after looking after this rather underwhelming example one woman showed off on social media

There have been some dark days throughout history, but we certainly won’t be remembering 2020 with any fondness or wish to relive the year.

If someone had told us this time last year what 2020 would bring, we’d have told them to stop watching Black Mirror.

In fact, this year has been far from pine and no amount of perfectly decorated trees will help us forget.Now one woman’s Christmas tree has been dubbed the “world’s worst” – and it’s easy to see why.

On TikTok, a woman called Melody shared a video capturing the moment her cousin cut open the tree in order to decorate it.



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