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Friday, September 29, 2023

Woman shares ‘game-changing’ method to apply mascara – and it looks like false lashes

by A.P.

A TikTok user named Taylor Tripler has gone viral on the social media platform after claiming we’ve all been applying mascara the ‘wrong’ way

According to TikTok, we’ve been doing a number of everyday tasks wrong – from using greaseproof paper to opening the fuel flap on our car.And now apparently we have to add applying mascara to that list.

One user named Taylor Tripler has garnered hundreds of thousands of views after claiming we’ve been making a mistake when using the mascara wand and instead sharing her method.

She claims she learned a better way to apply mascara back when she was in high school and has been doing it ever since – with many complimenting her over the years, thinking she was wearing false eyelashes when she wasn’t.



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