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Woman runs away from partner’s proposal with packed out stadium watching on

By: mirror.co.uk

A man was left frozen in total shock as his attempt to propose at a sports event dramatically failed in front of a live stadium audience

A man was left frozen in shock when his romantic idea to propose in front of thousands of people backfired as the woman fled the scene as quickly as she could.

During a recent minor league baseball game at Polar Park in Massachusetts, USA, a couple was filmed in what was probably one of the most vulnerable moments in their lives.

The pair were seen being cheered on and even featured on the stadium’s large screen in the background before seeing the entire moment take a turn for the worse.

A man was filmed getting down on one knee holding a small jewellery box with a ring before the woman he hoped to spend the rest of his life with.

The woman was wearing a matching purple t-shirt of the baseball team they both came to support.

To everyone’s shock, the poor bloke’s partner appeared to be completely caught off guard and did not seem happy about his romantic gesture in the least.

The audience was first cheering and expressing their happiness for the doomed couple before some dramatic “oh my Gods” were heard in the crowd as the not-so-soon-to-be-bride began shaking her head and moving backwards.


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