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Waitress in awe as kind customer leaves £1,500 tip and ‘amazing’ note on receipt

by A.P.

Kelly Amar, whose family owns Miami Squeeze, a juice bar in Florida, was stunned to find that a loyal customer had left an eyebrow-raising tip when paying their bill

Staff at a juice and smoothie bar in Miami Beach, Florida, were left stunned when a kind customer left a hefty tip and kind note to wish them all a Happy New Year.

Kelly Amar was waitressing at the establishment her family owns when she came across the woman’s receipt which caused her to do a double-take, reports The Daily Star.

The unnamed customer paid $71.84 for the drinks they’d ordered then left a $2,021 tip on top of this (around £1,500) for those who had served her and a message wishing staff a good 2021 and saying how much they love coming there for juice.



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