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Wednesday, July 17, 2024

Veggie Burgers Can Be Called Burgers, European Parliament Says

The European Parliament came together Friday to vote on a variety of issues, including whether a veggie burger is a burger, NPR reports.

Farmer lobbyists argued no. Environmentalists said yes.

The Parliament said yes, too, in a decisive vote against a measure that would ban plant-based meat alternatives from being referred to by the names of their meat counterparts. This means terms like steak, sausage and burger.

“Reason prevailed, and climate sinners lost,” Nikolaj Villumsen, a member of the European Parliament tweeted following the vote. “It’s worth celebrating with a veggie burger.”

It’s “common sense,” according to Camille Perrin, the senior food policy officer at the European Consumer Organization.

“Consumers are in no way confused by a soy steak or chickpea-based sausage, so long as it is clearly labelled as vegetarian or vegan,” she said in a statement.

Terms like “burger” and “steak” for plant-based foods help consumers understand how to integrate them into their meals, Perrin said.

Before the vote, Europe’s largest farmer association Copa-Cogeca argued these types of names hurt farmers and promote “misleading and unfair marketing.”

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