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Tolmin to remember Dante’s 14th century visit

By: P.T., STA

Tolmin, a north-western town near Italy, will join this year’s events marking the 700th anniversary of Italian poet Dante Alighieri’s death by remembering his alleged visit to the area in 1319 upon invitation of Aquileia patriarch Pagano della Torre.

Dante will get a memorial board with the legend about the visit while also being remembered as part of an exhibition at the Tolmin Museum. The exhibition will focus on three castles from the area, including the one at Kozlov Rob (Goat’s Edge), where Dante allegedly stayed. The board will meanwhile be set up in front of the Zadlaška Cave, which is also known as Dante’s Cave, which the poet allegedle visited and inspired him how Hell from his masterpiece Divine Comedy should look like.


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