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Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Pixar fan explains why ‘A113’ is sneaked into every film – from Toy Story to Finding Nemo

by A.P.

Fans have spotted the code ‘A113’ referenced in every Pixar film, including Up, Monsters University, Cars, and WALL-E – and now a fan has explained why it’s there

The geniuses at Pixar are well-known for hiding Easter eggs in their animation films.

Often characters from previous works are hidden in new releases, from posters on the walls in background, subtle references through clothing, or simply blending cameos into a crowd in the background.

But fans have spotted one addition that continues to pop up in Pixar films time and time again – and that’s a reference to the code ‘A113’. It’s often hard to find, but it’s always there somewhere.

In Toy Story it’s the licence plate on Andy’s mum’s car, clearly visible as Woody hangs onto the bumper. In Monsters University it’s on the door of the lecture hall where Mike and Sully attend a class. In Finding Nemo it’s the model of the camera used by a scuba diver.



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