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Mystery as strange metal monolith found out in desert by sheep counters

by A.P.

The huge structure – reminiscent of the famous monolith from Stanley Kubrick movie 2001 – was spotted by a helicopter pilot and scientists in the Utah desert, sparking a range of theories about how it go there

Mystery surrounds a huge metal monolith found in a US desert by scientists counting sheep.

The experts saw the strange object – reminiscent of the monolith made famous in Stanley Kubrick movie 2001 – while flying over Utah on Wednesday and decided to investigate.

The structure is believed to be man made, approximately 12ft tall,  planted deep in the ground and made of a shiny metal, setting it off from the red rock around it.

Pilot Bret Hutchings, who was flying the helicopter when they spotted it, spoke to local news channel KSLTV, saying:



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