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Dwayne Johnson’s ‘Cheat Meals’ Are in a League of Their Own and He Knows It: ‘I Know How to Party’

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson doesn’t mess around when it comes to his “cheat” meals.

While the Ballers star reportedly loads up on healthy protein, veggies and healthy grains during the week – Muscle and Fitness reported in 2015 that he consumes seven daily meals consisting of a total of 2.3 pounds of cod, 12 eggs, hearty helpings of steak and chicken plus two potatoes, vegetables and rice

a quick glance at his Instagram feed indicates he allows himself to indulge once a week.

Typically, that “cheat” meal – one for which he doesn’t count calories – consists of an absurd amount of sushi and a full plate of cookies, but the Fast and Furious alum, 46, also has a penchant for stacks of banana and chocolate chip pancakes.

Check out some of Johnson’s most outrageous cheat meals below and prepare to be amazed!




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