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Woman’s DIY fail leaves others in stitches after she tried to revamp old wardrobe

A woman who was able to see the funny side in her hilarious DIY fail said she hoped her husband would share her sense of humour after seeing what it had done to his clothes

A woman has left other in stitches after sharing her hilarious DIY fail on Facebook – and said she hopes her partner will share their sense of humour.

Fed up of her and her husband’s matching wooden wardrobes, she decided to give them both a more modern look and paint them white. 

Starting with her other half’s wardrobe first, she jumped straight into applying the first coat of paint, completing one door and making it halfway up the other.

But it wasn’t until the first layer was almost complete that she realised to her horror the brush had been going through the wooden slats to the other side – and she hadn’t taken his clothes out first.





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