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Sunday, February 5, 2023

Woman slammed for ‘disrespectful’ sleeping position at airport

The woman decided to take a quick nap as she waited for her flight, but people are furious about where she picked for her snooze.

A traveller has been heavily criticised on social media for the place the decided to take a nap at a busy airport gate.

The woman was snapped snoozing on the floor in front of the chairs, but blocking two seats – resulting in her being labelled “inconsiderate”. 

The photo was posted on the Instagram page travelcreeps with the caption: “Becky, 24 yr old “influencer” takes a moment to reflect and enjoy the stares she’s getting from her followers by selfishly taking up two seats” and has been inundated with comments.

The photo has received hundreds of likes and comments, with some saying she was being rude while others disagree and say it wouldn’t have been difficult to ask her to move.





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