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Friday, December 8, 2023

Woman with ‘most cosmetic surgery in the world’ has incredible ‘before’ photo

Cindy Jackson has spent £53,000 on a whole host of cosmetic procedures – including face lifts, nose jobs, a chin reduction and chemical peels – but she’s always been determined to keep the natural look

Cindy Jackson has had 47 cosmetic procedures, costing her more than £53,000, earning her the Guinness World Record for the most work in history.

But she’s said she isn’t going to tell the organisation if she goes under the knife again, saying she wants to step away from the book. 

Since 1987, Cindy, who is American but now lives in London, has had 14 operations including three face lifts, two nose jobs, implants and a chin reductions.

She’s had a series of other non-surgical procedures – including chemical peels and semi-permanant make-up.





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