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Moment ‘suspicious’ toddler doesn’t recognise dad after he shaves off his beard

Jeremy Batiz’s 14-month-old daughter Amelia did not look impressed when her dad sheaved his beard.

An adorable video shows the moment little Amelia Batiz appeared not to recognise her own daddy – after he shaved off the beard he’d had for her entire life.

Amelia’s dad Jeremy Batiz, a 32-year-old contracting officer, had sported a beard for most of his adult life – and even his wife Sofia had only seen him without it once before.

“I didn’t know that he was going to shave it off that day either,” said Sofia, 36, a professional photographer who lives with Amelia, Jeremy and their son 11-year-old Adyan in Tucson, Arizona.

“He just asked me to get the camera rolling on my phone and then he walked out of the bathroom.

“It was a big shock for Amelia and for me!




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