Christmas-obsessed fashion designer wonders: ‘Maybe I was Xmas tree in past life’


Jenny Wilson, aka Jen Nollaig, is known for her eccentric Yuletide-inspired outfits and whose motto is ‘why hang decorations when you can be one?’

Some people enjoy Christmas more than others – but few can match this fashion designer for festive cheer.

Irish designer Jenny Wilson can probably lay claim to being the most Christmas-obsessed fashion designer in the world.

Her outlandish, Yultide-inspired outfits have seen her grow a loyal following on Instagram.

Indeed, her own personal motto is: “Why hang the decoration, when you can be the decoration?”

Jenny, or Jen Nollaig (‘Nollaig’ is the Irish word for Christmas), uses the platform to showcase her innovative use of bright, shiny materials such as tinsel, glitter, faux fur, wrapping and even Christmas-tree baubles.

Her unconventional eyepieces have become her ‘trademark’ and are made using a range of different items bought in local shops or online.