Carer captures ‘GHOST in Christmas tree’ after glass bauble shatters on floor


Melanie Scholes says she spotted a ghost shortly after a glass bauble fell off a patient’s Christmas tree on its own.

A carer claims she caught a picture of a ghost haunting a patient’s Christmas tree – moments after a glass bauble mysteriously smashed on its own.

Melanie Scholes, 31, had been sitting and chatting with a colleague and a client about deceased loved ones when a glass bauble fell from the Christmas tree and smashed.

The newly-decorated tree had not been touched for at least 15 minutes – and Melanie claims the sudden smashed bauble gave them a fright.

But it was not until later that afternoon when Melanie took a picture of the tree to send to her mum that she realised there was a face gazing right at her from among the branches.