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Wednesday, July 17, 2024

Bakery mocked for Frozen Elsa cake which ‘looks like baboon wearing makeup’

A cake which is supposed to look like Elsa from the kids’ film Frozen has been brutally mocked online after people on Reddit pointed out it’s uncanny similarities to a “baboon”

Making a cake from scratch is never easy, so there’s nothing wrong with going to a professional to ensure the tasty treat looks just like the masterpiece you’re after.

But what happens when the baker gets it incredibly wrong? A Frozen-themed birthday cake has blown up online for all the wrong reasons.

The cake, which is supposed to resemble one of the main characters from the 2013 kids’ film Frozen, Snow Queen Elsa, has been brutally mocked.

Instead of recreating Elsa’s soft and dainty features, the baker decided the easiest way to make it look 3D was by adding graphic lines in a darker skin colour and a red circle on the cheek, to achieve the appearance of blusher.



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