Lagunitas is hosting a Beer Circus and clowns go free – yes, really

(Photo by Instagram)

Yes, you read that right, Clowns go free to the Lagunitas beer circus, and the rest of you jokers can get free beers too.

The legendary Lagunitas Beer Circus is coming to the capital next weekend, and it’s sure to be the ultimate day out.

Whats more, if you’re a professional clown, you can win tickets to get in for free and a bundle free drinks. Reports currently show there are only 100 clowns remaining in the UK – so let’s give them something to smile about.

The event takes place on the 20 July at lat Iron Square, Central London, and is open to everyone, clown or not. 

But if you’re not one for the oversized shoes and red nose, every attendee, clown or not, will get a Lagunitas DayTime Session IPA on arrival – and a token for another available drink of their choice so there’s really no excuse.