Robbie Williams to star in fly-on-wall documentary about his lavish LA home life

(Photo by Joseph Redfield from Pexels)

EXCLUSIVE Robbie Williams has allowed a camera crew into his Los Angeles home and will be creating a documentary about his family life. The singer will open up about battles with anxiety in the show

He’s made documentaries about aliens, now he’s turned the cameras on another out-of-this-world character: himself.

Robbie Williams has invited filmmakers into his home, and has a cameraman chronicling his life at home in LA with wife Ayda Field and their four children.

“I’m making a documentary – people are making a documentary about me,” he boasted, introducing his social media followers to a cameraman called Leo.

During filming, Robbie has opened up about his battles with anxiety, admitting that despite his outward confidence, his struggle with agoraphobia put a strain on his early relationship with Ayda.