Everything Lady Gaga said about Bradley Cooper and why it worried Irina Shayk

(Photo by Instagram)

Lady Gaga has been very outspoken about her ‘special friendship’ with Bradley Cooper and it ‘confirms’ Irina Shayk’s fears.

Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga enjoyed a ‘special relationship’ while filming and promoting A Star Is Born.

Their close connection was not hidden away from the public but it was allegedly still hard for Bradley’s fiancée, supermodel Irina Shayk, to take as Gaga fawned over her partner. 

While Bradley and Gaga’s closeness has not been blamed for him splitting from Irina and Gaga’s relationship with talent agent Christian Carino coming to an end, there have been a lot of fingers pointing in that direction.

Irina reportedly tackled Bradley about him ‘having an affair with Gaga’ on more than one occasion despite the pair’s denial they were nothing more than ‘good friends’.