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Cher ruthlessly slammed Madonna as ‘rude and not beautiful’ during 30 year feud

Cher has had some choice things to say about Madonna over the years and has not held back in dissing her in public. A resurfaced interview on Wogan is a classic example

Cher has been unforgiving with her thoughts on Madonna and over 30 years, took plenty of opportunities to shade the singer. 

A classic case of this has resurfaced with an interview on talk show Wogan, from 1991, with Cher in catty form as she shared her thoughts on the Material Girl singer. 

Cher is seen telling chat show host Terry Wogan that Madonna is “not beautiful” and also “not unbelievably talented.”

The pair have been feuding for over 30 years and Cher was more than happy to share her feelings on Madonna, now 61, when prompted by Wogan during the BBC interview.





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